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Our feet are getting bigger and that size matters is a fact!

About Feet Sizes......

In the world of shoes we can not skip the topic of size. The world's feet have grown by two sizes in less than four decades.

We are bigger and taller! There has been an increase by an average of two sizes according to the College of Podiatry.

I can remember that once a size 13 or 14 UK in a man's feet implied he was huge, nonetheless, our reality is now different.

Size 11UK in a man is ,nowadays, normal and we so do cater for bigger and wider sizes.

In the women's department there also has been an increase, whereas, before a size 4UK was the top seller now it is a size 6UK. Size 10UK is the new size 8UK for Mens!

When we analyze our buying these factors are so important.

Without a concise and detailed analysis, retailers would not be able to keep up with the demands in the shoe business.

Kate Winslet, Ophra Winfrey,Uma Thurman and Paris Hilton  among others are a size 8.5 UK and Rihanna is a size 9.5 UK.

In our society there is no advantage about having bigger feet but it has, nevertheless, a downside effect. Women try to squeeze into smaller sizes! And the consequences are pain and bunions!

Sometimes, it is because of vanity but in some instances we have to blame the market place. There is a shortage on bigger sizes when we are looking for fashionable shoes.

Our bodies are definitely growing bigger not only our feet. If we look at children in the 21st century, there is no doubt, that they are taller. Their feet sizes have increased!. A fact is that children are starting out bigger since they are born.


Better nutrition is a key factor. We are all more aware of what it is best for our bodies. We exercise more and, as a consequence, look more at our food intake. The world of media and the extensive travelling has made us more health conscious aware of the benefits of a good diet.

Nowadays, we can go to a supermarket and have access to foods and produce that before we could only access on our holidays or by watching television shows. All types of fruit, vegetables, spices and oils are readily available.

A richer diet increases growth and here we come to a second factor. Our feet are growing and so is obesity. We have to blame it on all the fast food that is marketed constantly at children from an early stage. It is making our society bigger!

Ultimately, we have bigger feet, we are taller and ,more than ever, we have to go back to good food and less processed produce.

Downfalls of bigger feet.....

The downfalls that we are seeing is that obesity has become a problem. We have to remember that children's bones are soft and as they are growing, their subtle bones can spread under excess weight. This will show in time as problems with their arches and joints.

Finally, our society habits are changing, our kids are changing, they are taller and their feet are growing. More than ever, retailers, have to look in more depth about their buying habits too. No more bunions for us, we need bigger sizes and sometimes wider shoes that allow us for more comfort.

I want fashionable shoes even if I have a bigger size!

Talk soon, Bea.


















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