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Mezlan Shoes

Mezlan shoes were brought to Ireland by the hand of David O’Dwyer in 1997. He  always had a passion and a love for timeless, well-crafted shoes. His love for shoes brought him to Almansa, Spain.


Mezlan shoes started their business in Spain in 1970.  It started as a family venture that has become, throughout the years, one of the largest and best established factories in Spain. Renown for their premium quality men’s shoes.

David began a relationship with Mezlan's owner,Sebastian Toledo Gomez and his design team from a very early stage. In Spain, they developed together one of our top seller Mezlan shoes, Midleton.

Midleton, is a toe cap  made with the softest Deerskin and Parma leathers. It still remains our number 1 seller.

Mezlan shoes,Midleton,Deerskin and Parma leather MEZLAN-MIDLETON

Since then, he kept developing and introducing Mezlan shoes that were relevant to the Irish market. Midleton, Galway, Chelsea, Cashel……They are all his creations together with the effort of a very strong team of craftsmen and designers that bring to light these extraordinary shoes.

Mezlan shoes,Galway,Florentik and Parma leather MEZLAN-GALWAY

Mezlan shoes, Cashel,Parma leather MEZLAN-CASHEL


One of our main goals has always been the use of the best raw materials available in the market, from the best Italian Parma leathers to the sophisticated and versatile Deerskin that gives more immediate comfort to the wearer.

All leathers used on our Mezlan shoes are sourced ethically from the main international hide suppliers. Hides are unique and exclusive to an animal and not all of them are always the same!

Our relation with the Mezlan shoes factory is very close and regular trips are done to Spain, Almansa, where the shoes are developed.

The attention to detail in our Mezlan collection is very important and we pride ourselves in delivering the best quality possible.

Mezlan shoes are made with Top premium quality uppers,Leather linings and leather soles with a well-designed rubber injection for best grip. Additionally, only the best lasts are created for Mezlan shoes.

From a technical point of view the use of wide last is very relevant to the Irish market. We have created several ones that keep being used as their width and height are one of the key features of Mezlan shoes.  All these factors give to Mezlan shoes a very long life span.


Mezlan today...

Mezlan is today represented in Ireland in all the best men’s stores and we continue to develop new styles constantly. It is an international brand that keeps evolving with the needs of our clientele.

Sebastian Toledo, CEO of Mezlan shoes, quotes: "Mezlan shoes still are made following the old craftsmanship that my family started with. It is important to respect the leathers and create unique and lasting pieces".

Mezlan shoes are timeless pieces that range from toe caps, brogues, slip ons, moccasins to dressy shoes for specific occasions.







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