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All You Need To Know About Rolling Soft By Gabor

All You Need To Know About Rolling Soft By Gabor

By Mark O'Dwyer

Gabor is a German brand with a strong reputation for developing comfortable, high-quality ladies footwear. The company was established in 1949 by Joachim and Bernhard Gabor and is now run by Joachim’s son, Achim Gabor. 

For 60 years they’ve developed shoes with technically-advanced manufacturing techniques. 

They create both classic and contemporary styles of shoes so you can wear Gabor day or night. 

Gabor creates beautiful collections of women’s shoes, women’s boots and women’s sandals in a wide variety of colours and in various styles and designs. 

Gabor shoes are designed with comfort, style, and quality in mind. When you buy a pair of Gabor shoes you can be assured that these shoes will love you back. 

One of the most popular types of Gabor shoes out there at the moment is the Rolling Soft which is a shoe that provides the wearer with a comfort like no other. 

Here we’re going to go through everything you need to know about Rolling Soft by Gabor and show you some of our favourites from the collection!

What is Rolling Soft by Gabor?

Rolling Soft, according to Gabor, is a new way to experience movement. They created an innovative casual trainer or shoe for fitness, wellness, and well-being. 

Rolling Soft shoes have a flexible sole allowing for easier movement and lateral stability. 

Gabor Rolling Soft gives the wearer a unique walking experience, while at the same time staying elegant and sporty in style. 

The shoes are incredibly light, flexible and have a natural ‘roll-off’ whilst you’re walking, making it more comfortable to go about your daily ventures. 

Check out the latest designs in the Rolling Soft collection. 

How do Rolling Soft shoes work?

Rolling Soft shoes by Gabor are made with super light, multi-layer soles. They’re incorporated underneath the foot arch of the shoe to help with stabilisation while you walk. 

With this technology built into the shoe, you’ll have more support when walking as the soles will guide the ‘rolling-off’ motion as you walk. It creates both comfort and support, helping prevent injury and fatigue. 

The lateral notches also help guarantee flexibility giving you the ultimate comfort when going about your day.  

What Rolling Soft shoes should I buy?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to Gabor’s Rolling Soft collection but here at Shoe Suite, we have a few recommendations. 

1. Gabor Helen: Rolling Soft sneaker

Gabor Helen

    The Gabor Helen sneaker is definitely one of our top picks when it comes to the Gabor Rolling Soft collection. It has a stunning white leather and mesh upper along with a stylish and modern design. 

    Like all Rolling Soft shoes, the Gabor Helen’s are incredibly comfortable to wear and are the perfect addition to any outfit. It’s an innovative and casual shoe that can be worn for fitness, every day or even out to dinner. 

    If you’d like to experience comfort on a whole new level while keeping an elegant, sporty design then these Gabor Helen sneakers are the ideal option for you.

    2. Gabor Tanni: Rolling Soft sandal

    Gabor Tanni

    Shoes aren’t the only thing available in Gabor’s Rolling Soft collection. If you’re looking for something comfortable to wear during the summer, or want to grab a pair of new sandals for your holidays, then these Gabor Tanni strap sandals are a perfect choice. 

    They have all the benefits of a Rolling Soft shoe, so they’ll provide you with ultimate comfort while you walk down sandy beaches. They feature a beautiful blue Nubuck leather upper with velcro straps and are also available in white. 

    Their flexible sole and elegant, sporty design will give you a whole new walking experience. Buy a pair today so you’re prepared for your next holiday.

    3. Gabor Lucy: Rolling Soft sneaker

    Gabor Lucy

    These Gabor Lucy sneakers are made from beautiful white leather and mesh. They also feature a stunning print leather upper making them incredibly stylish! 

    Like all shoes featured in the Rolling Soft collection, these sneakers are very comfortable but also feature a modern design. 

    They’re the perfect fit for your collection if you’re looking for an innovative and casual shoe for fitness, work or even if you simply want to walk around town. 

    With the optifit reversible insole, you can make sure that your feet are comfortable and secure whilst walking.

    If we’ve got you excited for the Gabor Rolling Soft collection then you better get over to our online store and see what else the collection has to offer. 

    There are so many different types of shoes in different colours and styles that you’ll be spoiled for choice!

    Check them all out at Shoe Suite today!

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