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What Are The Best Shoes For Women This Spring?

What Are The Best Shoes For Women This Spring?

By Mark O'Dwyer

Spring is here! Which means it’s the perfect time for a bit of spring cleaning, some organisation, and of course some new shoes. 

Here at Shoe Suite, we’ve just unveiled our brand new spring collection which means you’ll have plenty to choose from when deciding which pair is the perfect addition to your collection. 

If you’re having a problem deciding which shoe is the right choice then don’t worry we’ve got you. 

Today we’re going to go through our top six springtime shoes for women so you don’t have to worry about scrolling through pages and pages of shoes (unless you want to of course). 

Now, as soon as you’ve finished your spring cleaning take a look at our top picks from our women’s spring collection. 

1. Rolling Soft Henshaw Sneakers By Gabor

Rolling Soft by Gabor is the perfect addition to anybody’s wardrobe especially during lockdown when all we can do is go for a stroll 5km from our homes. 

These shoes are designed with stability and freedom of movement in mind. We have a variety of Rolling Soft shoes in stock on our website but we absolutely love the colour of this Henshaw sneaker. 

The sole of the Rolling Soft by Gabor has several layers and thanks to the unique design and combination of materials it’s a very light shoe. 

There’s a stabiliser under the arch of the foot that helps guide and support your foot as you walk! There are also lateral indentations that allow for maximum flexibility. 

These shoes will let you walk with low fatigue meaning you can walk for longer without having to rest your tired feet. 

Plus, with a modern trendy design who knew feeling so good could look so good. 

2. Paul Green Super Soft Sneaker

Paul Green is once again bringing us the perfect pair of super soft sneakers. This sneaker is designed to fit any casual or smart-casual outfit. It’s got lovely little coloured details and the material is extremely soft to touch. 

The shoe itself is comfortable to wear and feels great on your feet! If you’re looking for the perfect shoe to go with your outfit this spring, even if it’s just for an online meeting, then this women’s sneaker by Paul Green is the ideal choice. 

3. Caprice Wide Fit Sneaker

Brand new to the Shoe Suite store this spring are these beautiful women’s navy wide fit sneakers by Caprice. 

Not only are these shoes incredibly sleek in appearance but they also provide the wearer with extreme comfort in any situation. 

If you’re looking for the ideal shoe to wear out and about this spring then try out these wide fit sneakers for women by Caprice. 

4. Energy Step Sneakers By Ara

The energy step sneakers by Ara are the perfect choice for you this spring. We’re unfortunately still in lockdown which means instead of our usual outdoor activities or trips to the gym we’re stuck walking around our block. 

The hard concrete footpaths can be an absolute killer on your joints which is why this spring we highly recommend purchasing Energy Step by Ara. 

These women’s sneakers have perfect support and thanks to their flexible and easy to breathe material your feet will feel relaxed while you walk. They’re comfortable to wear, stylish to look at and make your feet feel ready to take on the day!

5. Wonders Wedge Shoe

This gorgeous and comfortable women’s wedge shoe is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. It features a soft leather upper, unlined inners and padded leather insoles. It’s perfect to wear even without socks and the padded inside makes it extra comfortable to wear. 

The sole is made from a lightweight and flexible rubber that’s also fluted. This gives it a solid and sturdy shape with a good grip. 

The shoe has a round elegant toe shape and a lovely bow tops it giving it a stylish and unique look. This wedge shoe by Wonders is the ideal footwear for any event.

6. Marco Moreo Platform Shoe

This pair of women’s platform shoes by Marco Moreo are super comfortable. Their classic slip-on style makes them easy to wear too. 

Add these gorgeous shoes to your collection to look stylish and to set off with a spring in your step.

The stretch fabric allows for ultimate movement giving you the freedom to walk for hours without your feet feeling too tired. 


Be sure to check out our full range of new arrivals today.

Grab yourself a luxury pair of designer shoes at Shoe Suite.

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