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How To Match The Perfect Shoe To The Perfect Outfit

How To Match The Perfect Shoe To The Perfect Outfit

By Mark O'Dwyer

These days it's not just women who have an endless selection of footwear. With all the styles, colours and brands out there today who could blame anyone for having a closet stacked top to bottom with every kind of shoe imaginable.

But how do you take the perfect pair from your collection and match it to your brand new outfit?

Nobody wants to look like a fool with a mismatched outfit which is why we've put together this guide on how you can select the right shoes to wear with your outfit no matter the occasion or season.

Consider the colours

Pick colours that match your outfit rather than ones that compete against it. For example, try to pair busier and complex shoes with plain outfits and vice versa.

If you're wearing a very plain outfit then adding a bit of zest to it can be possible with a bright pair of shoes.

If your outfit consists of multiple colours then try to match your shoes to one of the colours on the outfit.

Avoid any strict colour matching with your outfit. If you're wearing all blue then there is no need to wear blue shoes along with it. Wearing one solid colour generally doesn't look too great but you rock what you want to and don't let the fashion police stop you.

If you do want to wear the same colour we suggest trying out various shades of the same colour. This will give your outfit a bit of variety.

Colour guide

Black is always seen as a safe option when it comes to what colour shoes to buy. But, is this because it's a versatile colour or because you're too scared to try something different?

Bright coloured shoes have their place amongst your outfits too and here's a quick colour guide on how to match the right shoe colour to the right outfit colour.

  • Black shoes tend to go with most clothing colours except for pastel colours or some earthy tones.
  • Brown shoes go with a lot of shades of tan, beige, orange, green, brown and other dark earthy tones.
  • Tan shoes match lighter earthy tones as well as blues, beige and white.
  • Cream shoes are a perfect match for whites, light neutral colours and pastels.
  • Silver shoes work best with pastel colours as well as white, black, blue and some purples.
  • Gray shoes go well with blacks, greys, reds, blues and some purples and yellows.
  • Gold shoes compliment green, brown and red outfits but they also look good with black and white clothing too.

Consider the occasion?

It doesn't matter how pretty they are or how much of a bargain they were when you bought them, if your new pair of shoes aren't suitable for the occasion then you can't wear them with your outfit.

For example, you wouldn't wear a glitzy pair of pumps to a morning meeting and a pair of flip flops certainly aren't suitable at a formal gathering.

So, how do you know exactly what shoes are appropriate for the occasion?

Well, the easiest way to approach this situation is to simply wear loafers or flats for any casual event and then a classic pump for anything dressy.

This can get a little bit boring at times but better safe than sorry - especially when it comes to formal business events.

Planning your next outfit and need the perfect shoe to go with it? Here at Shoe Suite, we've got shoes in every colour and style you can think of.

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