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How To Store Winter Boots and Shoes

How To Store Winter Boots and Shoes

By Mark O'Dwyer

Summer is finally here! It’s time to bring out the sandals and flip flops - which also means it’s time to start packing away all your winter shoes.

But, before forgetting about them in the back of your wardrobe, you want to make sure they keep in good condition for next winter. 

Keeping them squished together in a box on your shelf really isn’t going to do them any favours. You want your boots to be winter-ready when you take them back out of storage!

In this blog post, we’re going to run through nine tips to help you keep your boots as good as new while they’re tucked away.

1. Air them out

Before you pack your boots and shoes away in a stuffy wardrobe, be sure to air them out. 

A lot of bacteria might have grown in your boots or shoes during the last few damp months which is why it’s important to give your shoes time to breathe. 

Letting your boots and shoes air out before putting them into hibernation for the summer is a great way to get rid of odours and bacteria that might have built up. 

You can also help get rid of any bacteria or odour by cleaning the inside of your shoes and letting them dry before storing them away.

2. Stuff your boots

You don’t want your boots to lose their shape while they rest in your wardrobe.

By stuffing your boots with tissue, paper or even some old magazines you can help them retain their upright form.

Just tear up your stuffing of choice and stuff the boot until it’s all filled out. Now your boots will be in perfect condition when you go to retrieve them in the winter.

3. Invest in some boot hangers

Boots take up a lot of space in your wardrobe which can be annoying when you want to store clothes, shoes and other items in there. Running out of floor space is never ideal which is why boot hangers are so handy.

If you hang up your boots with boot hangers you’re giving yourself more space to store the heels and flats you wear all year round.

4. Avoid using dust bags

Using dust bags for your winter boots and shoes isn’t always a great idea.

You don’t know what you could have stepped on out in the streets. Dragging the dirt into a dust bag can only lead to more problems down the line for your shoes, especially if they’re being boxed up for a couple of months.

If you want to avoid mouldy shoes don’t pack your winter boots in dust bags unless they have been thoroughly cleaned beforehand.

5. Don’t store them out in the open

Try not to store your boots out in the open, like the corner of your bedroom. Storing boots in enclosed spaces will limit the amount of dust that piles up on them, which means they’ll be dust-free next time you want to wear them.

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6. Layering

Ideally, you shouldn’t layer your shoes and boots when you store them but if you’ve got a large collection you might not have a choice (hey, we can’t all have walk-in wardrobes).

If you do decide to layer your boots and shoes when you store them then make sure they’re not going to scratch each other. Make sure that any buckles or zips aren’t scratching the leather of another boot.

Putting a layer of crepe paper between each pair is one way you can stop accidental scratching from occurring.

7. Store them in shoeboxes

If you store your boots or shoes in shoeboxes make sure you lay them down opposite to one another, similar to the way they were when you bought them.

What this means is the top end of one boot should be facing the bottom end of another.

8. Get rid of the mud stains

It rains a lot in our beautiful little country, but it’s more common in winter. Your boots have definitely been subjected to water and mud during the winter months so before you pack them away make sure you clean them.

Don’t store your boots with mud stains on them as the mud will dry while they’re packed away and it’ll be impossible to remove it afterwards.

9. Clean up your suede and leather boots

Nobody wants to get into winter and pull a pair of boots out only to find them dirty and unsightly, but suede and leather boots need a little extra TLC!

With such gorgeous shoes, you want them sparkling like brand new - which is why it’s a great idea to give them a quick clean up before storing them away.

Check out our guide on how to clean suede and leather boots and shoes to figure out the best way to make your footwear look and feel fantastic. 

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