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How to Take Care of Suede And Leather Shoes

How to Take Care of Suede And Leather Shoes

By Mark O'Dwyer

There is often a lot of hesitation when it comes to buying both leather and suede shoes. This is usually because they're thought to be difficult to take care of and clean.

Leather and suede shoes are gorgeous additions to anybody's shoe collection and you shouldn't be afraid to buy them just because they're a little difficult to keep clean and maintain.

Here are some tricks to help you take care of and clean your suede and leather shoes.

Cleaning suede shoes

Before you start cleaning your suede shoes you're going to need to stuff your shoes with newspaper to ensure that it'll hold its shape while you're cleaning it.

How to clean mud off suede shoes

Suede shoes can be damaged easily by moisture so you have to fight your instincts to scrub any mud off with water.

If your suede shoes get covered in mud or dirt it's best to wait until the mud is dry before starting to clean it.

You can use a hairdryer to dry the mud quicker but make sure you use the cool setting as intense amounts of heat can damage the suede.

Once the mud is dry you can wipe away the dirt as it will easily break off the shoe. You can pull it apart with a blunt knife or even brush it with your hands.

If you have a suede cleaning brush (or even an old toothbrush) you can gently brush away any dirt that is still clinging to the shoe.

Make sure you brush in the direction of the fibres so you don't damage the suede.

How to remove water stains from suede

Suede is a very delicate material and when it's exposed to water it can become discoloured and stained.

If you want to remove any dried-in water stains get a clean, damp cloth and carefully dab the shoe with it.

You need to get the entire shoe damp as spot-cleaning will only create more watermarks and make your situation worse.

After you've finished dabbing the shoe grab a damp suede brush or even a kitchen sponge and gently brush at the shoe until the stains disappear.

Leave your shoes to dry naturally and don't use a heater to speed up the process (this could cause heat damage to the shoe).

Once your shoes are fully dry we suggest getting some suede protector spray which will help shield your shoes from any future water damage.

Removing scuffs from suede shoes

It's not uncommon to get a few stubborn scuffs that just won't brush out.

A trick for getting rid of scuff marks involves getting a bit creative and using a pencil eraser to remove the stains. Simply rub the eraser on the scuff marks like you would a mistake on a page.

Cleaning leather shoes

When cleaning and keeping leather footwear speed is king.

The longer you let dust and dirt sit on your leather shoes the worse the damage is going to be to them.

Dirt and mud are notorious for weakening the fibres in leather which can cause horrendous cracks to appear in the leather.

Before you start cleaning your leather cover your workspace to protect it against spills. If you're working with boot polish then it's a good idea to remove the shoelaces to stop them from getting stained accidentally.

Removing dirt from leather shoes

Leather is a natural material which means it's very porous. Because of this it holds onto dirt, stains and even cleaning products for a long time.

When finding the right cleaning product for your leather shoes be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions to see if there is any guidance on the best ways possible to care for your shoes.

When removing dirt or mud from leather shoes use a shoe brush, or an old toothbrush, and rub against the shoe surface. Be sure to get into the seams and the soles too as dirt can often get stuck in there.

Be gentle when brushing and don't be too harsh with the shoe as you could end up damaging the material.

Wipe your boots or shoes down afterwards with a damp cloth and a very small amount of soap.

After this, you can apply some leather cleaner to a clean cloth and gently apply it to the shoes by rubbing it all over.

It should take about 30 minutes for the cleaner to dry and for the best results, you should continue to polish your leather footwear at least once a month.

Now that you know how to properly clean your leather and suede shoes why not check out what we have stocked in our store? You could find your new dream shoes.

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