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Leading Gabor shoes retailer online.

Shoesuite is one of Ireland’s leading retailers of Gabor shoes online. We stock a vast range of their collection on our online store. Gabor shoes are produced mainly in Germany following the highest standards of manufacturing. Only the finest quality materials and leathers are used in their ranges.

Gabor shoes technology

Gabor shoes pride themselves of using the highest technology in the market to accommodate every woman’s needs. Their range includes walking shoes, Rolling Soft, ballerinas, sandals, on trend sneakers, pumps, smart brogues, elegant and classy high heel court shoes, everyday trouser shoes, wide fitting shoes and boots from ankle to high leg including waterproof technology. It caters for every woman’s needs in footwear.

A high percentage of their shoes have removeable insoles, and Opti fit technology is applied to design the best fit possible.


Their collections always follow the latest trends in design, colour, shape and technology. Shoesuite is your first stop for Gabor’s vast choice in quality, comfort and design. Gabor shoes have always a style to fit you!

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