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Barker NEWQUAY-Ankle Boot

€285.00 €228.00

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Barker LIFFEYBLK- Form...

€260.00 €208.00

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Barker Wye- Formal Shoe


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Barker Trent- Formal l...


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Barker Ramsgate


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Barker Spencer


Barker Antony Brogue


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Barker Wade - Moccasin


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Barker McClean - Brogu...

€350.00 €175.00

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How come Barker Shoes are so great?

It is a given that skilled artisans and premium materials are used to create high-quality shoes. Both are in ample supply at Barkers. Each year, our artisans create about 200,000 pairs of hand-lasted shoes.

Fine English shoes are made in the factory. To accomplish this, each piece was constructed specifically. For instance, the setting was set up to allow strong natural light, which is essential for leather grading, color matching, and consistently good stitching.
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