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We design with you in mind

We get our inspiration for our collections, by interpreting and creating the latest trends adapting them to our personality and values

matching your shoe to the last

One of the most important parts in the manufacture of a shoe is the last, which is crucial to the comfort of a shoe. We work with our own Hispanitas lasts which have been developed to the highest standards and which make our shoes particularly comfortable for the wearer

From design to last

The design is transferred to the last by expert hands. The process begins by adapting the design to the last using pencil paper and going on to use the latest technologies which are more effective in the scaling processes

the leather

We carefully select the leather hides to be used in making our shoes. Soft leathers that have been tanned using special anilines in revolving drums over extended periods of time. The hides used are natural, genuine and in our terminology "transparent" that is, they have not been excessively modified, with scant pigmentation, which makes them more pleasant to use and more attractive when applied to the soles

Sharpening our knives

One of the oldest and most traditional processes in shoe manufacturing is the Leather Cutting . The "cutters" as the specialists working in this field are known work the large tanned leathers delivered from the specialist tanneries . From each of these large hides dozens of parts will be cut to make each one of our shoes.

Joining the pieces

The quality and experience of the assemblers is essential to achieving top quality results. During this process which is almost exclusively carried out by women, the pieces are assembled in preparation for fitting on the last. This means trimming the edges of the leather so that they will be neatly joined with the same thickness. the edges are also dyed the same colour as the leather and reinforcemetns are added so that they will not lose shape or break with use. Finally, using traditional sewing machines, the parts are joined one by one using top quality thread.

Chain of craftsmanship

At Hispanitas we continue to use traditional methods and crafts in our manufacturing process, side by side with the state of the art technology. With the experience and skill of our artesans we are able to achieve a high degree of quality with every piece, material and finish.

Fitting the last

During this process the shoe is fitted on the last adding the toes and heels. With each model the perfect height is sought to ensure comfort for the wearer. Once the cut leather has been mounted, excess is trimmed in preparation for adding the sole. After these adjustments, the moment has arrived for ensuring that the leather takes on the shape of the last. In order to speed up this process hot and cold furnaces are used.

The basis for your future footsteps

The insole and the heel are adapted to the last with infinite precision in order to ensure the correct balance with every step. To ensure that the sole is firmly joined, it is cleaned and prepared for application of the adhesive. Once joined, the heel is affixed along with the heel caps as at that moment the shoe can be removed from the last, and is ready for the final touches to be applied ready for the warehouse

Polishing and nourishing ritual

Natural brushes and creams are used to feed the leather leaving it soft and supple while enhancing its shine and brightness. This process ensures that the leathers will keep their quality over time

Finishing touches

In order to ensure that each pair of shoes is perfect we take care with every little detail. The craftsmen use , presses, brushes and scissors to make the final touches to the shoes before they are packaged

Into the box

The manufacturing process is finished with the packaging, tissue paper and a dowel are placed in the shoes to keep the shape and ensure that the shoe is not deformed. Each shoe is protected with a layer of tissue paper, ensuring that it is safe from any knocks occurring during transport

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