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Bring some Spanish style into your wardrobe with a pair of gorgeous Lodi shoes.

To ensure that you always look and feel fantastic, Lodi heels mix eye-catching patterns with their cutting-edge NewGel technology. Season after season, Lodi offers women fashionable, cozy, and distinctively designed shoes that are renowned for their authenticity and great quality.

New Gel Technology :  insole that absorbs impacts during walking and helps to reduce foot pressure day by day.

New Light Technology : material that makes the outer sole lighter and stronger, as well as more adaptable and comfortable soles.

New Step Technology : rubber sole that increases the comfort, flexibility and stability of the shoes without sacrificing style and elegance.

All LODI collections are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain, during production, each shoe can pass through up to 80 different people before being finished. This way, they can guarantee the highest standard of quality throughout every step of their unique artisan process.

The Shoe Suite is one of Ireland's leading Lodi retailers online. We stock a wide range of Lodi shoes and sandals in gorgeous colour's and available in a variety of sizes. 

Here at Shoe Suite we always love to see what Lodi are going to bring out next - and we bet you will too!

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