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March Footwear Highlight: Nero Giardini Shoes For Men & Ladies Gabor Shoes

March Footwear Highlight: Nero Giardini Shoes For Men & Ladies Gabor Shoes

By Mark O'Dwyer

Do you want to look your best this season? Are you in search of the perfect pair of shoes to add to your wardrobe? Well, you’re in the perfect place because here at Shoe Suite we’re highlighting the best men’s footwear and the best women’s footwear for this season. 

Today we want to show off the new season’s wonderful collection of men’s shoes by Nero Giardini as well as our fantastic selection of ladies' Gabor shoes and sneakers.

If you want to figure out what the best buy for this season is then take a look at our top five picks for men’s shoes and women’s shoes this month - you won’t be disappointed! 

The Very Best Of Ladies Gabor Shoes

1. Gabor Rolling Soft Sandal

We have a few Gabor rolling soft shoes on our list for the best buys this season but the first one up is this fantastic rolling soft women’s sandal by Gabor. This sandal is made with rolling soft technology which combines the benefits of a roll overshoe with a flexible sole design. 

This Gabor rolling soft sandal for women gives the wearer freedom of movement while creating a sense of stability at the same time. 

The soles have several layers to them and thanks to a special design and combination of materials it’s also very light to wear. 

What makes rolling soft shoes so perfect is the addition of a stabiliser in the arch of the foot. This stabiliser guides and supports the rolling movement allowing for maximum flexibility and stability at all times! 

This particular pair of rolling soft sandals for women are a great buy this season! Not only are they incredibly fashionable and comfortable to wear but they’re also made of soft material so your foot will always feel happy in this pair of women’s sandals. 

Get your pair of rolling soft sandals by Gabor today and be prepared for the hot months ahead!

Gabor Rolling Soft Sandal


2. Gabor Rolling Soft Trainer

Next on our Gabor lineup is this fantastic rolling soft trainer in light blue. It’s got a gorgeous design and can easily be worn with any casual outfit. 

This pair of trainers for women are ideal for walking around town all day or going for a pleasant stroll in the park. They’re so comfortable to wear that your feet will never get tired with these trainers!

If you’re looking for a new pair of women’s runners then this is the pair to go for. With their easy slip-on design and high-quality materials, you won’t be disappointed!

Gabor Rolling Soft Trainer

3.Gabor Rolling Soft White Trainer

If you’re in search of a more classic looking trainer then this pair of white rolling soft white trainers for women are exactly what you need!

Their simple yet stylish design is perfect for anybody in search of a comfortable, sleek and modern pair of women’s trainers. 

With the side zip feature, these trainers are easy to get on and off and the rolling soft technology used in each pair will give your feet comfort as they’ve never felt before. 

Gabor Rolling Soft White Trainer

4. Gabor Sneaker 

Not part of our rolling soft collection but still a pair of stylish, comfortable and unique Gabor sneakers!

This pair of black and white leather women’s sneakers are ideal for somebody who’s looking for a pair of shoes that can be worn with any smart-casual outfit.

Made from high-quality materials this pair of Gabor sneakers for women is exactly what you’re looking for if you want a pair of shoes that lasts and provides you hours of comfort every day. 

Gabor Sneaker

5.Gabor Wide Fit Trainer

If you’ve spent ages looking for a pair of trainers that are comfortable to wear for people with wide feet but have come to a dead-end then you’re in luck because here at Shoe Suite we have a range of wide fit trainers for women. 

This pair of Gabor wide fit trainers, in particular, is one of our favourites. They’re made with high-quality materials, come in a gorgeous sandy brown colour and feature a golden side zip. 

Not only are these wide fit sneakers comfortable but they’re also incredibly stylish too!

Get your next pair of wide fit trainers or shoes at Shoe Suite today!

Gabor Wide Fit Trainer


The Top Men’s Shoes By Nero Giardini 

1. Nero Giardini Chelsea Boot

This pair of Nero Giardini Chelsea boots for men are first on our list because they’re too comfortable not to talk about!

These Chelsea boots are so stylish that they’re the perfect addition to any casual or formal outfit. They’re easy to slip on and off thanks to the elastic features and they provide your feet with a comfortable experience even after walking around for hours. 

Nero Giardini Chelsea Boot

2. Nero Giardini Suede Sneakers

This pair of high-top sneakers by Nero Giardini is made of high-quality black suede and feature gorgeous contrasting red laces and a 3cm EVA sole for ultimate support and comfort. 

The internal side zip allows for easy wear and the overall design is simple yet stylish making them the ideal addition to any outfit. 

This pair of sneakers for men also feature the DryGo! technology which is a removable insole that easily absorbs moisture and guarantees a comfortable experience all day long. 

Nero Giardini Suede Sneakers

3. Nero Giardini Leather Sneakers

Next on our men’s list we have some beautiful high-top sneakers made of high-quality leather. These are easy to pull on and off thanks to the external zip but the black laces do add to the already sleek look. 

This men’s sneaker has a 4cm EVA box sole for a casual look and they also feature the DryGo! technology in the form of a removable insole that easily absorbs moisture and keeps your feet happy all day long!

Nero Giardini Leather Sneakers

4. Nero Giardini Laced Shoe

This five-eyelet soft leather laced shoe by Nero Giardini is a gorgeous pair of formal shoes. They’re comfortable to wear thanks to the DryGo! technology removable insole that absorbs moisture all day long and the high-quality leather materials it’s made from. 

If you’re looking for an elegant shoe to add to your wardrobe then this pair of men’s dress shoes by Nero Giardini is the ideal choice. Whether it’s a wedding, a work event or a hot date this pair of shoes will go exceptionally well with any formal outfit. 

Nero Giardini Laced Shoe

5. Nero Giardini Formal Shoe

If laces aren’t your thing then take a look at this buckled soft leather derby shoe by Nero Giardini. It also features DryGo! technology and is the perfect addition to any man's wardrobe.

If you’re in search of a comfortable shoe for your cousin’s wedding or your work night out then try this pair of men’s formal shoes - you won’t be disappointed when it comes to style or comfort. 

Nero Giardini Formal Shoe


We hope you found a pair of shoes to add to your wardrobe this season!

If you didn’t, don’t worry - there’s hope for you yet!

At the moment at Shoe Suite, we just got in a range of new arrivals for men and for women.  

Take a look at our exciting lineup of men’s shoes and women’s shoes in our store today - you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

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