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What Are The Best Sandals To Wear This Summer?

What Are The Best Sandals To Wear This Summer?

By Mark O'Dwyer

What Are The Best Sandals To Wear This Summer?

The summer is quickly approaching and with the new season around the corner, it’s time for a brand new pair of women’s sandals. 

But what is the best type of sandal to get this year? How can you ensure your feet stay comfortable on long beach walks? 

Simple! With women’s Gabor sandals. 

We just got in a huge collection of women’s sandals by Gabor and we’re itching to show you just how fantastic these sandals are. 

If you can’t wait and want to view our entire collection of Gabor sandals right now then take a look here.

But for those of you who want to know what the best options are from our Gabor sandal collection, read our list containing the top ten women’s sandals by Gabor.  

Top 10 Women’s Gabor Sandals 

There are a lot of great women’s sandals on the market today but our favourite brand for this summer is Gabor! 

Here are our top ten picks for Gabor sandals this summer.

1. Black Gabor Strap Sandal

This strap style sandal has comfort written all over it. Not only is it stylish and supportive to wear but it also gives you a little bit of extra height. These sandals are ideal for summer outings and can be paired easily with any holiday outfit. 

Add this pair of black Gabor women’s sandals to your summer wardrobe today before they sell out!


2. Blue Gabor Fashion Sandal

This light blue, suede sandal is the perfect choice for anybody looking to add a fashionable twist to their outfit. If you want to look like you’ve just walked off the holiday catwalk then these are the right pair of sandals for you. 

Our blue Gabor sandals are comfortable to wear, provide tonnes of support when walking, and just look amazing on anybody!

3. Comfortable Gabor Ladies Sandal

We love the colour of these comfortable ladies' sandals by Gabor! The orange and light brown leather is a great look for a fashionable pair of sandals. This pair of stunning footwear is definitely a keeper and the right choice for anybody looking for a new holiday favourite.


4. Stylish Black Gabor Sandal

Finding the perfect pair of sandals to slide into this summer can be a difficult choice but with these stylish black and gold women’s sandals by Gabor we know you won’t have to give it much consideration!

This pair of sandals are incredibly comfortable to wear thanks to the comfy footbed and stylish cork sole. The black straps give this pair of women’s sandals a real elegant look and the gold buckle only accentuates the look further!

5. Women’s Black Slip-On Sandal By Gabor

Looking for something quick to slide on? These stylish slip-on sandals by Gabor are ideal for your holiday to the sun. They look just as stylish as any other sandal thanks to the black leather and gold design on the strap. 

This pair of sandals for women is the perfect choice for slipping on when you’re going to the pool or having a relaxing beach day with your friends.



6. Casual Beige Women’s Sandal By Gabor

On the search for something casual? This pair of beige sandals by Gabor are ideal for anybody looking for a sandal they can wear every day during the summer. Even if you’re not going to the beach or on holiday it’s still nice to give your feet a break from tight shoes and runners. 

These sandals are very comfortable to wear and can even be paired with a casual outfit for a trip into town, an evening meal or while doing your weekly shop.

7. Comfortable Blue Women’s Sandal By Gabor

Give yourself the gift of comfort by purchasing these women’s sandals by Gabor. The secure and comfy blue straps keep your feet in place throughout the day so you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable while going about your daily activities. 

Not only this but the footbed provides you with extra support making sure your feet don’t get too tired after all that walking. 

So if you’re looking for a comfortable sandal that provides a lot of support this is the right choice!


8. Stunning Silver & Black Sandal By Gabor

There’s just something beautiful about silver and black shoes, they’re so stylish! This stunning silver and black sandal is the right choice for anybody who’s looking for a supportive sandal that looks good with any summer outfit. 

The straps provide a lot of support for your feet so you can enjoy your day to day without having to worry about tired feet or feeling uncomfortable when you’re walking. The thick sole on these sandals also helps with shock absorption and adds to the comfort level of the sandal!

These should definitely be on your list of sandals to consider for your summer wardrobe.

9. Comfy Strap Sandal By Gabor

This simple, comfy pair of strap sandals for women by Gabor is the right choice for any sandal lover who’s looking for something plain, easy and comfortable. This pair of strap sandals are a great choice if you’re looking for a pair of sandals that goes with everything. 

Their simple yet stylish design and the navy leather are exactly what you need for your wardrobe if you want a pair of sandals that you can pair with any summer outfit.


10. Beige Wedge Sandal By Gabor

The final pair of sandals on our list is this wonderful pair of beige wedge sandals. They give the wearer a good bit of extra height but are still as comfortable as any other Gabor sandal. Their soft leather straps are designed to support the ankle when walking and the thick lower strap is wide enough so your foot stays secure at all times. 

These are a great choice if you want a pair of fashionable and stylish sandals for a night out. They go well with any summer dress or even a pair of trousers. No matter what your outfit choice is this pair of sandals will be a great addition to it!

Have you found your dream pair of sandals in our top ten Gabor sandals for women? 

If not don’t worry we just got a whole collection of Gabor sandals in so we know you’ll find the perfect pair for the summer.


Take a look at our collection today to find the right pair of ladies' sandals to add to your summer wardrobe.


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