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The Best Women’s Shoes & Men’s Shoes In Our January Sale

The Best Women’s Shoes & Men’s Shoes In Our January Sale

By Mark O'Dwyer

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of gifts and goodies under the tree. Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean you should stop treating yourself!

Here at Shoe Suite, we’ve got a wonderful sale going on where you can save up to 20% on some of our gorgeous designer shoes. 

We have a selection of men’s shoes and women’s shoes on sale in our store, and we’d love to show you our favourites. From men’s trainers and women’s sneakers, to men’s boots and women’s high-heel shoes, we’ve got it all in our January sale. 

If you don’t want to miss out on the chance to grab a real bargain, check out some of the top shoes for women and shoes for men that are on sale right now!

Top 4 Shoes On Sale For Women 

Check out our picks for the four most popular shoes on sale in our women’s footwear department. 

We’ve got so many shoes for women on sale on our website, even if you don’t find anything here that suits you, be sure to check out the rest of our sale items. 

For now though, check out these highlights to see if any of them catch your eye. 

1. Women’s Loafers By Karen Koo

These loafers for women add a sense of elegance and style to any daytime outfit or smart look. They’re a very comfortable pair of shoes and the ideal addition to any wardrobe. 

If you’re looking for a comfy pair of smart shoes then now’s the time to nab these luxury women’s loafers by Karen Koo. 

You can get them on sale right now at Shoe Suite!

2. Women’s Court Shoes By Lodi

Look your best with these chic high court ladies shoes by Lodi. 

They’re made with rich, red suede and have a 9.5 cm stiletto heel. With a soft leather lining and a new gel insole, these shoes will provide you with comfort all day long. 

Get your next favourite pair of women’s high-heeled shoes on sale today at Shoe Suite. 

3. Women’s Ankle Boot By Regarde Le Ciel

These elegant and modern ladies ankle boots are not only incredibly stylish, but they’re also comfortable to wear. They’re the perfect boot to suit almost any outfit and even feature a memory foam footbed to give your feet a little extra cushion.

Regarde Le Ciel always provides us with stunning women’s shoes and these ladies ankle boots are no different. 

Get yourself a pair today while they’re on sale and treat your feet to a comfortable pair of women’s boots. 

4. Women’s Sneakers By Karen Koo

If you’re looking for something trendy and comfortable then these ladies trainers by Karen Koo are the perfect choice for you. They’re a stunning pair of women’s sneakers that are ideal for jazzing up any casual look. 

They’re stylish, comfortable and the perfect addition to any casual outfit. But your next pair of ladies sneakers reduced today at Shoe Suite!

Top 4 Shoes On Sale For Men

Here are our picks for the four most popular shoes on sale in our men’s footwear department. 

We’ve got a whole lot more than what we’ve listed, these are just some of our favourites. 

If nothing here is catching your eye, be sure to check out the full extent of our January sale before you miss out on a great bargain.  

1. Men’s Tommy Hilfiger Casual Sneaker

These gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger men’s sneakers are the perfect choice if you’re looking for something that’s casual but still smart. 

They’re available in a few different colours including navy, red and white so you can get the right one to match your outfit or style. 

Get your new favourite pair of men’s trainers today while they’re on sale!

2. Men’s Mezlan Ankle Boot

These awesome lace-up ankle boots are the ideal choice if you’re looking for a smart-casual look. 

Not only will they look great with your outfit, but they’ll also keep your feet warm until the summer heat starts to come back. They’re the perfect choice if you’re looking for something stylish and comfortable. 

Made from top quality leather you can’t go wrong with a pair of men’s ankle boots by Mezlan. 

Get these ankle boots for men online today!

3. Men’s Mezlan Sneaker

If you’re looking for a new favourite men’s sneaker then the men’s Mezlan sneaker is the perfect shoe to go with. 

It’s an incredibly stylish shoe and an amazing addition to anybody’s wardrobe. These men’s trainers are made with soft suede and have a high-quality leather lining making them exceptionally comfortable.

Get your next pair of men’s sneakers while they’re on sale today! Hurry, they won’t be there for long!

4. Men’s Bugatti Formal Shoe

These Bugatti classic men’s lace-up shoes stand out for their high-quality leather and comfortable design. They’re the ideal companion for anybody looking to smarten up their look. 

Bugatti is a brand that’s renowned for having trendy and fashionable collections of shoes and these men’s formal shoes are no different. 

If you’re looking to give your wardrobe an extra bit of spice then these men’s dress shoes are a perfect choice. 

Get them on sale today!


Be sure to check out our full range of women’s shoes and men’s shoes while our January sale is on. 

Grab yourself a luxury pair of designer shoes today at Shoe Suite.

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