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Find The Perfect Pair Of Slippers This Winter

Find The Perfect Pair Of Slippers This Winter

By Mark O'Dwyer

With the cold weather beginning to creep in and the frost nipping at our feet, it’s time to break out our warm cosy slippers.

But your ones from last year are old, worn down and uncomfortable. What we need is something that keeps our feet as snug as a bug in a, well, a slipper!

We have a fresh new arrival of slippers from brands like Nordikas and Toms in stock and ready to be delivered now.

Take a look at some of our top picks for men’s slippers and women’s slippers to get the perfect pair for your feet.

Top Slippers For Women At Shoe Suite

Here are our top three slippers for women.

1. Tilda Light Tan Slipper

These gorgeous slippers ooze glamour. Their stylish look creates the perfect luxury slipper. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but your feet will feel comfortable and warm while wearing them. 

They feature a sleek suede upper, shiny gold buckles and lashings made of fluffy, super-soft faux-fur inside and out. All this fluff means that your feet stay snug while staying stylish during the colder months.

2. Nordikas Slipper In Pink

This pair of beautiful Nordikas slippers are made from only the finest materials to help keep your feet comfortable and warm throughout the winter. If you’re looking for a pair of slippers that can help fight away the cold then Nordikas slippers are a perfect choice.

This pair by Nordikas features a stunning pink material with a silver faux-fur trim. Don’t worry if pink isn’t quite your style, Nordikas do a wide range of comfortable and stylish slippers including this pair of gorgeous red slippers

3. Sorel Mule Slipper

These classic slippers by Sorel are extremely comfortable and cosy to wear. Each slipper is crafted beautifully and features a luxurious suede upper, a white faux-fur lining, as well as a rubber outsole to prevent any slips or falls. This slipper also has a removable, moulded EVA footbed to bring you ultimate comfort this winter.

If you’re looking for a slipper that’s guaranteed to provide your feet with warmth and comfort then this mule slipper by Sorel is a perfect choice.

Top Slippers For Men At Shoe Suite

Here are our top three slippers for men.

1. Men’s Plaid Mule Slippers By Toms

Kick back and relax in your home with these comfortable, plaid mule slippers by Toms. These men’s slippers will keep your feet warm throughout the day and you won’t have to worry about your toes getting cold.

Their ultra-comfortable faux shearling lining makes them incredibly cosy and with their removable moulded insoles you’ll be able to have the perfect fit with these slippers.

The slipper also features a sturdy rubber outsole to help with durability. They’re not a pair of slippers that you’ll easily slip in and you could even pop to the shop if you needed to!

2. Brown Nordikas Men’s Slipper

Nordikas is renowned for designing and creating comfortable and cosy slippers for men. This stylish brown Nordikas slipper features a beautiful suede material as well as a soft lining to keep your feet nice and warm in the winter.

They look stylish, feel amazing on your feet and provide you with the support you need in a slipper. These brown Nordikas men’s slippers are everything you could want in a slipper.

3. Leather Rohde Men’s Slipper

This luxury pair of black leather Rohde men’s slippers are the perfect pair if you’re looking for something a bit more modern and stylish. Its sleek leather outer gives it that modern look yet the soft, spongy lining makes it incredibly comfortable.

These slippers also feature a thick rubber sole making them ideal to walk around in without having to worry about taking a fall. You could even wear this pair of luxury slippers down to the shop with no hassle at all.


You won’t be disappointed with a pair of Nordikas, as they’re known for creating some of the most comfortable slippers around.

We hope you found your dream pair of slippers in this blog post but don’t worry if you didn’t because we have a wide range of slippers available on our website.

We’ve got a variety of women’s slippers and men’s slippers in stock and ready to be delivered to your door.

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